Benefits of Martial Arts

While the physical aspects of exercise and Martial Arts training improve your child’s general health, it also improves emotional health with increased self-esteem and self-confidence as well as decreased tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. Here are just a few benefits of our ATA programs for your child:

Self Defense

Learn proper exercise form, punching, kicking, blocking and evasion techniques.

Learn Respect

An important word in martial arts is RESPECT. Students are taught to respect their instructors, each other, and themselves.

Learn Conflict Resolution

We help teach conflict resolution in practical and real life scenarios.

Improve Listening Skills

Our programs will build their attention span teaching your child to focus on the task at hand.


Students will learn how to control their actions and thoughts.

Gain Self Confidence

Giving them tools learn to control their physical, emotional, and mental self, increasing their confidence level in any given situation.


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