Kidz in Power – A Bully Prevention Program

Bullying is one of the troubling issues plaguing schools today. Research has shown that left unchecked, bullying leads to bigger problems, including emotional distress, decreased academic performance, delinquency, depression and even thoughts of suicide. It is destructive for the kids being bullied, the kids doing the bullying and even kids who witness the bullying. In order to help combat this growing problem, the ATA has teamed up with Olweus to create the most comprehensive bullying prevention program available anywhere.

For the first time in any martial arts organization we have the real information and the real data about what’s going on with bullying and are able to help our children with the tools needed to help deal with bullies, both in and out of an academic setting. Children will learn valuable skills on how to recognize and react to bullying in this engaging and interactive curriculum. The key takeaways we focus on are developing appropriate responses to difficult situations, confidence building and leadership skills.

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Master Allemier from ATA Blackbelt Academy presented a Bully Prevention Program for the entire school. Each child was able to¬†practice a variety of martial arts techniques to use if someone attacked them. “Use your VOICE!” was taught as one of the best defense skills. He led each grade level in different anti-bullying techniques including¬†yell, walk with confidence, hold your shoulders up, etc.

Liberty Grove Elementary

Rowlett, TX